Marriage: good for you

9 06 2017

Screenshot 2017-06-08 21.23.44More nice research for my “stress kills/happiness is good for you” pile: research from Aston University showing how marriage can reduce morbidity and mortality from some common diseases.

Here is some  proud coverage from the Birmingham Mail. and a piece from the BBC. It’s still just a conference presentation though, so let’s wait for the peer-reviewed paper to come out.

Cat face analyses slowly progressing

9 06 2017

The cat faces analyses have been slowly moving along….

IMG_4716The first proper full epidemiological model had Lauren’s laptop tied up (and increasingly hot) for 3 days, but meanwhile my simple sign tests show that overall, people CAN do it: far more subjects than you’d expect by chance got more right answers than wrong.

Right: Lauren’s nice diagram of all the factors we want to look at.

(Belated) welcome to Basma

9 06 2017

Here is new(ish) USRA Basma Nazal, who’s joined us from York University. Her and (little) Emma have spent the day learning to use Linda Parker‘s startle boxes as ours are kaput.


Old friend in “Oxford Today”

3 06 2017

Screenshot 2017-06-03 12.12.17Nice to see Tim’s doing well!


Baby racoons and extreme stupidity

2 06 2017

A family of racoons has been living in the barn, so the university decided to get their pest control guy in. Being a “humane” trapper, he caught the mother and released her elsewhere. Being a moron (or at least given moronic instructions), he left the five babies.

No-one quite knows what to do now. They were left cat food last night, but are they even fully weaned? And do we want to feed 5 raccoons in a barn that we don’t actually want them to associate with food? The whole thing is cruel and incredibly stupid.


British Threat Levels

29 05 2017


Science on the radio

29 05 2017

There were two good things on the news this week, on….

… why is childbirth is painful…

Screenshot 2017-05-28 21.21.39


…. Instagram, Facebook and mental health:

And then a pretty lame piece on CBC about the inner lives of trees. Yes plants are amazing, but this interviewer was just gullible.